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Want to log in to your resident account or simply make a payment?

Our goal is to make things as convenient as possible for our residents. You can easily log in to your resident account or make a payment by selecting the appropriate button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a payment?

How do I access my resident account?

What is my community website?

What do my assessments cover?

You can log in to your resident account by clicking on the link above. Please note that if you have a community website, you will need to visit your community website to log in to your resident account

You can make a payment by logging in to your resident account with the link above, you can log in to your community website, or you can simply use the payment link above.

You can always email or call our office directly as we are more than happy to provide you with your community website. 


Office: (816) 429-8186 

Assessments are utilized for the maintenance of all common ground areas. This may include pools, playgrounds, walking trails, ponds or lakes, irrigation systems, and equipment repairs. Assessments also cover HOA insurance, administrative/management fees, and any additional services or events that your community may offer.

Get in Touch

(816) 429-8186

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